About CAW Football


CAW is committed to providing children from low income families from inner city Indianapolis an opportunity to participate in the positive developmental influences of team sports. By building teamwork, character, confidence, self-awareness, discipline and perseverance, children will learn to become stronger people capable of being an asset to the community.


CAW is a non-profit, volunteer organization that helps low income families afford to have their children participate in a quality sports program. These children often lack a positive male role model and can always benefit from time spent constructively learning many life lessons provided by team sports. CAW is best known for its’ quality football program for ages seven through eighth grade. Fees are kept low by fund raising and through community donations.


CAW was started in 2006 in memory of Coach Alonzo Watford, Sr., coach and athletic director of Crispus Attucks High School and Butler University. In the early 1900’s Crispus Attucks was a school for all African Americans. Today its’ field is named after Coach Alonzo Watford, Sr. because of his legacy and commitment o the African American Community.

The league was started by Coach Watford’s grandson and great grandson to continue the tradition of giving back to the community by supporting low income, inner city families. In four short years the league has grown to around 400 young boys participating in youth football. Fees are kept low by having all volunteers and community donations.

Since 2009, CAW is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(C)3 not-for-profit organization.  This status allows all donations, gifts, charitable contributions to be tax deductible.  A formal board of directors oversees the development of the league through fund raising, policy development, and corporate responsibility.



CAW would like to pass along a special thank you for several individuals for their continuing support for the league.  Jay Brammer of Crown Hill Funeral Home, and Dick Dullagham of Bishop Dullaghan Football Camps – thank you!


CAW wants to thank the Bishop Dullaghan Football Camp program for their strong support of our program.  They have been a strong mentor for our cause – we recommend them and want to say thanks!