Indianapolis CAW Inner City Football:

Welcome to the CAW Football Website!  CAW is an Indianapolis-based, non-profit, volunteer organization that helps low income families afford to have their children participate in a quality sports program.

CAW is committed to providing children from low income families from inner city Indianapolis an opportunity to participate in the positive developmental influences of team sports. By building teamwork, character, confidence, self-awareness, discipline and perseverance, children will learn to become stronger people capable of being an asset to the community!

Devon McDonald, Thank you!

Devon McDonald has joined with CAW to help promote character building for young adults through team sports. He was the guest speaker and the end of the season banquet and headed the first football camp of 2019.   

Devon was a member of the Notre Dame 1988 Championship team.  He is an ordained minister who is active with Sports World Ministries, an organization that speaks to students about life choices.   CAW is honored to have him involved with our league.


Contact us today if interested in participating or learning more about our league.


July 20th – Football Camp
Aug 17th  – Parade Day
Aug 24th  – 1st Game
Aug 31st   – 2nd Game
Sept 7th   – 3rd Game
Sept 14th – 4th Game
Sept 21st  – 5th Game
Sept 28th – No Games
Oct 5th      – 6th Game
Oct 12th   – 7th Game


19th, 26th Championship: First Saturday of November




























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